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HH Log Sales is a proud provider of NUDURA ICFs. Discover why this basement system is a smarter choice.

Foundations and basements are one of the most important parts in building any house. Without a proper foundation, carpenters have to make adjustments. If you are doing a foundation or basement for a Modular home, Pre-cut, or Log Home package, it needs to be accurate in every respect. Within 2 years of starting my general contracting business, I was doing all of my foundation and basement work.

Although we do conventional foundations (block or poured concrete walls) and basements (poured walls), I recommend the NUDURA system for these reasons:

> Cost efficiency
> Energy efficient
> Durability—-Stronger
> Less expensive to finish walls

From start to finish...

And anywhere in between.

The advantages of Insulated Concrete Forms are numerous. Properly installed, an ICF wall will eliminate mold and allergy problems. Since ICF walls are safe from harmful fumes, the homeowner does not have to worry about “what’s under the drywall”. Also, since the real support of the ICF wall is concrete, the house now becomes safe from natural disasters such as tornados and earthquakes. This is why H H Log Sales is a supplier and installer of the NUDURA brand ICF for basements, foundations and complete homes.

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